Why Do Street Artists Make Street Art Prints?

Why Do Street Artists Make Street Art Prints?

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Why Do Street Artists Make Street Art Prints?

Why Do Street Artists Make Street Art Prints?

Street art and graffiti art are forms of art that typically encompass urban themes. There are many techniques used to create street art and murals, from stencilling to tags and throw-ups.

Often, street art has a greater meaning. Street artists will use this art form to spread awareness of issues or to spread their beliefs. Many street artists and graffiti artists will highlight social and political issues through their artwork.

Although street art is generally found on the streets, you can purchase street art in the form of art prints. Street artists, including the likes of Banksy, will often create prints of their work, – but why?

We bring you this blog today to explore why street artists move away from walls and buildings and create art prints – so read on to learn more.


Why Do Street Artists Create Street Art?

There are many reasons why urban artists create street art. One of the key reasons that they paint on walls and disused buildings is to spruce up an area.

Street art can bring new life to a previously run-down area, and can even become a tourist attraction. This, in turn, can improve local businesses and boost the economy of an area.

Camden in London, for example, is a hotspot for street art, with people travelling for miles to view the variety of murals and graffiti art in the area.

Another key reason that artists create street art is because it is a form of self-expression. For many, it’s a way of organising and expressing their thoughts. Street artist Stony, for example, always wrote how he was feeling at the time without holding back.

He began drawing and painting at a young age, and because he was heavily dyslexic and autistic, he discovered that art was an effective expression tool. He’d use his built-up energy to create drawings – which then evolved into street art.

Street art is also linked to activism – street art is innately rebellious in nature, and often coveys social and political messages. Street art can provoke conversation and cause reactions across the wider community.

Many street artists will create urban art to spread awareness about certain issues. Street artists such as Banksy and Keith Haring are famous for producing street artwork that opens conversations about political and societal issues.


What Are Street Art Prints?

Art prints are essentially reproductions of original artwork. Designs and reproductions can be printed onto canvas or premium-grade paper (through the use of inkjet printers).

Street art designs can be replicated into prints. Banksy, for example, is known for producing printed reproductions of his original murals and street artwork. Banksy worked with the print house Pictures on Walls in 2009 to publish his art prints.

Generally, prints are created by the artist – but can be produced by professionals being supervised by the artist.

Despite being reproductions, art prints are still works of art. There are several types of art print you can purchase. For example, you can purchase signed art prints – prints that have been signed by the artist. These are considerably more valuable than unsigned prints.

Prints typically come in editions – some are open editions or unlimited, whereas others are limited editions. This means that there are only a select number of prints available. Generally speaking, the smaller the edition, the more valuable the art print.


Why Do Artists Create Street Art Prints?

Artists create street art prints for many reasons – and it’s not always to make money. Banksy, for example, did not create art prints to make money.

He created them to make his artwork more accessible to the wider public. In fact, when he first began producing art prints, they were originally sold at a low price. People often purchased these prints as though they were posters, and weren’t aware of how valuable these prints would become in the future.

Artists usually create print versions of their street art so more people can access and view their art – prints can be a great way for people to discover and view artwork in galleries and museums.

Art prints can also boost an artist’s career. Once a street artist builds their reputation and gains a following, they often begin to create and sell art prints as they move onto the next stage of their career. Art prints can be a way for street artists to step foot in the art market, grow their reputation and make more money.

Another reason why artists move to print is that they may be attracted to the collaboration aspect of print-making. They may also be drawn to the innovation potential, allowing them to share their artwork with the world in a brand-new way.


Why Buy Street Art Prints?

There are many reasons why you may wish to by a street art print. For example, you may be a fan of a particular artist and wish to see their work on your wall. Framed wall art, whether it be street art, pop art, or any other form of contemporary art can add character to your home and brighten your mood.

Likewise, although street art is accessible, you may be unable to travel for miles just to view a piece of street art. Instead, you can purchase a print, hang it in your home and view it every day.

Art prints can also be valuable and can make a great investment. Once you’ve purchased a street art print, you can hold onto it, pass it down as an heirloom or sell it at a later date for a solid profit.

There are several factors that can affect how valuable a street art print is – for example, the popularity of the artist, current trends in the art market, the size of the edition, the quality of the print, and many more.

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